Welcome to the Referee Page

Referee Information

Before the first game you must turn in the following documents to your area representative:

- The current W9 form; Click Here for the W9
- Working papers, these can be obtained from your schools office

Referees are encouraged to be at their assigned field 15 minutes before kick-off to inspect the field of play and nets for issues. If issues are found please contact your area representative.

Please remember to have your timesheets signed by the Away Team's coach prior to the game.

Paperwork and Guidelines

Referee Training Document - Please review the document for a training overview.

House Rules - CVSA has established some special rules to govern the different age groups.

Referee Guidelines - Please review these guidelines for the field size you are refereeing.

Referee Cheat Sheet

Offsides Determination Diagrams - These diagrams can help you determine the correct offsides calls.

Referee Positioning - Diagrams showing correct positioning during a match.

Referee Hand Signals - Diagrams showing various hand signals used during a match.

CVSA Weather Policy - CVSA weather policy for game cancellation.

Referee Timesheet - Keep this document safe and up to date..